• Participation in the exhibition "continuous space" in the art gallery in Nazareth. Curator: Farid Abu Shakra.


  • A Duo exhibition with Moshe Kopherman at the Kibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Professor Haim Maor.
  • Participation in the fourth National Drawing Biennale, Jerusalem. Curator: Tami Manor.
  • A one man exhibition at the Mosrara School of Photography and Imaging, Jerusalem.
  • A solo drawing exhibition, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Teaching at the Tel Hai College.


  • "Bubbles and Reflections", Solo exhibition, BGU University Art Gallery, Israel. Curator: Professor Haim Maor.
  • A solo exhibition at the Max Stern Yezreel Vallley College Gallery. Curator: Yehuda Yaziv.
  • Participation in the exhibition "Painting Camp", Ramla. Curators: David Wakstein, Chen Shish, Avishai Eyal. Photographed interview for a film by David Wakstein.


  • A solo exhibition at the art gallery in kibbutz Lohamei Hagetaot. Curator: Yory Katz.


  • Participation in the exhibition "Premiere" in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Curator: Susan Landau.


  • The Israel Museum purchases the painting "Shlomzion" for its collection.
  • Transition to the permanent family home in Har Halutz, designed and built by Carmiel Romano.


  • Participation in the exhibition "Interlocking Tools" in the Turkish Bazaar, Acre. Curators: Drora Dekel and Ziv Sher.
  • Participation in the tribute exhibition for T. Carmi, at the Mosrara School of Photography and Imaging, Jerusalem. Curator: Avi Sabag.
  • Participation in the second National Drawing Biennale, The Artists House, Jerusalem. Curator: Dror Burstein.


  • Birth of his daughter, Atalya.
  • "Murmur", a large-scale solo exhibition at the Bar David Museum, Kibbutz Baram. Curator: Avi Ifergan.
  • Participation in an exhibition at the municipal gallery, Marcy, France. Curated by Judith Matzkel.
  • Tenured as Lecturer at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.
  • Injured in a very serious car accident. Hospitalization for three months. Long rehabilitation.
  • The grandfather's death.


  • Solo exhibition at art gallery in Kibbutz Nachshon. Curator: Yael Kinney.
  • Participation in an exhibition the Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest, Hungary. Curator: Yehudit Matzkel.
  • Producer, curator and participant. The exhibition of the Lecturers of the Department of Photography in Bezalel in the Bronfman Gallery, Washington, USA.
  • Began teaching at the Oranim college.


  • Participation in the exhibition: "between the Mountain and the Sea", City Museum, Haifa. Curator: Yehudit Matzkel.
  • Participation in the exhibition "Eight Photographers", The New Gallery, Artists Studios, Jerusalem. Curator: Ariel Ayalon.
  • Producer, curator and participant in the exhibition of the lecturers of the Department of Photography in Bezalel in the Star Gallery, Boston, USA. The exhibition then travels to Philadelphia and represented in The Art Institute.
  • Participation in a the "New In The Collection" exhibition, Haifa Museum of Art.
  • Participation in the Israeli Biennale for drawing, "Reshamim", Artists House, Jerusalem. Curator: Ilan Wizgan.
  • The family moves from Jerusalem to Galilee, to a small community village on mount Meron ridge. Living in a small caravan. The Studio is located in the village.


  • Solo exhibition, Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa. Curator: Yehudit Matzkel.


  • Birth of his son, Ayal.
  • A project in Haaretz newspaper, in the supplement for literature and culture, two works are shown every weekend for five weeks. Editor: Benny Ziffer.
  • "Sham Maiim", a one man exhibition in Pylons, near the Dead Sea.
  • Solo exhibition "Things I wanted to say to a photography student", The Mosrara School of Photography and Imaging, Jerusalem. Curator: Avi Sabag.
  • The studio moves to Rehavia quarter in Jerusalem.


  • Curator and participant in a group exhibition in the Studio gallery in Ra'anana.


  • Marriage to Carmiel in a civil ceremony in Cyprus.
  • Etchings are shown in an exhibition of new acquisitions at The Israel Museum, Jerusalem.


  • First solo exhibition at the Studio Gallery in Ra'anana.
  • Participation in the exhibition "Third Person" at the Camera Obscura and Bugrashov galleries, Tel Aviv. Curators :Ariella Azoulay Michal Heiman.
  • Participation in the exhibition "Seven Walls", Limbus Gallery, Tel Aviv.
  • Starts teaching at Bezalel (until 2004).
  • Instruction focuses on basic courses for students in the department of Photography. Emphasis in understanding photography as a visual medium and using it in creative ways. Over the years, the teaching expandes to the Mosrara School of Photography and Imaging, Jerusalem, and to "Dada" - a place for photography, Jerusalem.
  • Art teacher and coordinator of art education including preparing students for Art matriculation exams at the Experimental High School, Jerusalem.
  • Assistant curator of photography at The Israel Museum. Participation in setting up Israeli and international exhibitions, including working at the photography department archive.
  • Curator of the photography department Gallery at Bezalel.


  • Final year of BFA degree at Bezalel.
  • Final Exhibition in Bezalel : Photography installation originated entirely from an album of an anonymous English soldier. The installation included large prints, showcases, various objects and birds in cages. The project was guided by Yigal Shem Tov and Nissan Perez, who served as the photography curator at the Israel Museum.


  • Acquaintance and relationship with Karmiel Michaeli, an architecture student.
  • In addition to studying photography, studies engraving and painting in the Art Department. Personal advisor: Larry Abramson.


  • Deepening and expanding academic drawing and painting studies in extracurricular programs in Bezalel. Significant teacher: Yigal Shem Tov.
  • Working for a living during the years of study as a shift manager in the security department at the aerospace industry and as a wedding photographer. Living in Nachlaot near the Mahane Yehuda market.


  • Living in Haifa. Works at quarries blasting rocks. Working as a bartender in a little pub which was a meeting place for theater actors. Opening a business for stairwells cleaning. Preparing a photo portfolio (independently and without guidance) for acceptance to photography schools.
  • Getting accepted to a competitive direct route for doctoral studies in psychology at the University of Haifa and to photography studies in the Wizo college in Haifa.
  • Deciding to study photography at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. Moving to Jerusalem. Beginning studies at Bezalel, department of photography, headed by Prof. Hanan Laskin. Studying as part of the third cohort of students' in the department. Fellow classmates: Sharon Bareket, Eytan Shouker, Adi Nes, Tiranit Barzilay (among others).


  • Australia.
  • Working on a fishing boat fishing for shrimps west and north of Australia.
  • Selling paintings in small towns in northern Australia.
  • Crossing the continent on a motorcycle alone.
  • Taking a diving course, and diving at the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Living in Sydney, Fiji and London.


  • Release from the army. Working on Italian cruising ship "Akilea Lauro". Italy, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Egypt, Seychelles, Maritzios, South Africa, Australia.


  • Recruted to the IDF. Getting accepted to the Israeli Air Force flight course. Signing a waiver after a year and two months (mainly in order to avoid serving in the army for many years). Replacing the course with a service in an elite commando unit. Serves in the unit as a warrior. Overall military service of three and a half years.


  • Volunteering for a special youth-movement program, in which a group of high school students spend their 12th grade in one of Israel's "developing cities". Living, as part of this program, in a seven-members commune.
  • Completing matriculation exams at the Migdal Haeemek developing city. Majoring in Biology. Conducting an inquiry project on acclimatization of the Persian fallow deer (a rare mamal), in the wild animal reserve at Mount Carmel.


  • Joining the youth department of the Har Hanegev field School. Participating in significantly long walks which have created an intimate and profound relationship with nature, especially the Negev and Sinai deserts.


  • First drawing attempts. Completely alone.


  • Beginning of activity in the Carmel scouts. Sustained activity up to the age of 18 as a guide, the center layer and the head of a battalion. In addition, playing competitive basketball in Maccabi Mount Carmel sports club.


  • The sister Tally (Horeb) is born.
  • Beloved lesson in school - creative drama. Based on this lesson in his class, a book was written by the teacher.
  • Reading a lot.


  • August, Return to Haifa. Immediately after the school year began, the Yom Kippur War breaks out.


  • Begins his studies at the Reali school in Haifa. In the middle of the first year the family moves to Chicago, USA, where they will live for two and a half years as part of the Father's job mission in a Jewish youth movement. Studies in a public school and then in a Jewish school. Trips and family travels across the United States.


  • Brother Amit is born.


  • The family moves to Haifa. The family home is located on mount Carmel, Where Assaf will live until the age of seventeen.


  • Born in Acre.
  • The eldest son of Yael and David Romano.
  • The father - David Romano, 1940, born in Kibbutz Sha'ar Hamakim followed his father's footsteps and was a member in Eged. He worked as a bus driver.
  • The mother - Yael Garment, 1941, born in Jerusalem, grew up in Tel Aviv, worked as a handicrafts teacher.
  • The name Assaf was given as a remembrance for the mothers cousin that was put to death by his parents as part of a family suicide in fear of the Nazis, when those Captured Latvia.
  • Assaf is the first grandchild of his father parents: Renate Romano, born in Aachen, Germany and Abraham Romano born in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia. And also for his mother's parents: Nehama Germant, born in Riga, Latvia and Natan (Nika) Germant born in Harbin, China.
  • The generation of the grandparents immigrated to Israel as Zionist pioneers, before the establishment of the state of Israel. They took an active and meaningful part in the creation of the new state, from different ends of the political spectrum. Their families suffered severe losses during the Holocaust and in fact the vast majority of the father and the maternal grandmother were murdered.